May 05, 2012

Some cool things...

... to occupy your time.

First of all, tonight is the Supermoon, which is awesome. Please go stare at the Moon. And let me know if you also think his face looks like this:

Thank you You make my life complete.

Alright, so cool shit:

New York Times Visual DNA Quiz - Usually I hate those personality quizzes, but the format of this one is really interesting. I think it's worth checking out.

The Anime Network - I don't know how many of you are anime fans, but this site is one of the web's greatest gems.

QueenLeen StylePhile - I'll admit it; this is a shameless plug for my sister's blog, but damn does that girl know how to dress.

This gallery of long-exposure firefly photos. I just wish I would've thought of this first, haha.


Prohibition of Death - Yeah. It's a thing.

Also, this, from my beautiful little corner of the world to yours:

Credit: Yours truly.

1 comment:

  1. LIKE!! :) Thanks for the plug. And the moon looked freaking awesome last night.