October 28, 2012

The Look

Out there, in the wild, wild world, there's a look people give that sends me to a very angry place. I've searched in vain for an actual factual picture of someone doing "the look", but alas, it's nowhere to be found. I'm not surprised; no one wants to be caught giving "the look". It's not at all flattering.

"The look" borders on disgust, but it's more than just plain old disgust. There's an element of surprise in it, too, not to mention the ever-so-subtle hint of poorly veiled anger.

So, for the first time ever on my blog, I'm going to post a real-life picture of my face giving the dreaded "the look" (I mean for there to be two thes there). It's the only way. I never wanted to do this, mind you, but for you all, my devoted readers, I've gotta make some sacrifices. This isn't easy for me.


... ...

... ... ...

... ... ... ...

*audible gulp*

Here you go, internet people:

I bear a striking resemblance to the late Bea Arthur, but with a beard.
Notice the awkward curvature of the mouth, which indicates the aforementioned disgust. Then, the eyebrows in the position that normally conveys skeptical surprise. And, of course, the eyes shaped to portray that ever-so-subtle hint of anger. That's "the look".

"When does one give 'the look', though?" you may think.

Well, "the look" comes up often, and most frequently when you've just said something to someone and they cannot believe that you're actually making noise at them. Usually, this is because the person doesn't like you for whatever reason. I usually get "the look" from strangers, and also many of my previous employers.

Here's a comic to show an example. Even though I've started including real photos of myself, I still gotta make comics because that's what my blog's about, you know? Now, to help, I'm gonna include Mrs. Sirmister, last seen in the post "The Trials of Getting a Job".

It's even worse to get "the look" from strangers. For me, it's usually because people are so astounded that this dark-skinned boy speaks such eloquent, unaccented English. 

However, I cannot claim to be an angel here, as I have also given "the look", numerous times. I can't help it. When I hear people say really stupid things, I have to give "the look". Like, the other day, this kid I tutor told me that he thinks The Beatles were a terrible band. I gave the kid "the look" without even thinking twice, voice-crackingly accompanied with an "Oh, really?". But then I had to continue on with the lesson before I quoted The Thnikkaman, which was a milestone in maturity for me because I usually would've quoted The Thnikkaman and subsequently gotten fired. So, yay me. 

I hate drawing stick figures with crossed arms.
To tie things up here, here's a short list of other times you may see "the look":

1. Mugshots.
2. On any "The Real Housewives of Place" show.
3. On any real housewife.
4. On this dog's face.
5. Most newborns.
6. Me, when seeing a picture of a newborn.
7. On Nancy Grace, all the time.

And what of you, dear readers? Do tell of your "the look" giving or receiving experiences.


  1. Hahahahaha. Very funny. I give "the look" when I see someone dressed like crap. Of course. ;)

    Bea Arthur (RIP) = so hilarious.

    1. Sometimes it just can't be helped. I think I, too, give the look when I see someone dressed like crap, but that's probably something I acquired from hanging out with you too much lol.

  2. "The bitch stare." I don't think anyone has it down as good as me...or so I've been told ;)

    1. Lol yes! The bitch stare! I miss you uno!