October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hello. Today's post is in color. But please don't get used to that. It's not gonna happen again. Ever... Probably.

Anyway, Happy Halloween!

We here at Aberrantly Errant (me and the ghosts, that is) really like Halloween a lot.

This year, I was Mugen from the anime Samurai Champloo. Here is a pic to prove it happened.

I told you, my hair, it's a perpetual mess.
And the ghosts dressed up as such:

Aren't they precious?
Which later turned into a murdering spree:

See? Precious. Aww.
The end. Now, if you'll excuse me, I promised the ghosts I'd take them to a seance at the cemetery.

Because Halloween's about honoring the dead, too. With candy!
*Note: I do not own Chris from Family Guy, Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon, or Old West Sheriffs from the Old West.


  1. Cool! I can totally see you as Mugen, now that I know who he is...
    I like posts in color!! Can this issue be up for a vote??

    1. Hmm... maybe. But my vote might be biased.

  2. "He knows not the meaning of restraint."

    "Kiss my ass!"