June 13, 2012

Man. I'm Lame.

Hi there.

I've been lazy lately (go figure) BUT I have also been writing my next post for a while, so I haven't been completely lazy. Just a little. I have a job now, so give me a break, sheesh.

Anyway, the aforementioned next post will be The BS 4, so I hope that's exciting for you. It's a crazy story. It's all written, I just need to draw the drawings. Considering how stupidly simplistic my drawings are, you'd think I'd have them done by now, right? Wrong. Re: I'm lazy.

I promise that The BS 4 will be posted later today. Well, tonight. Most importantly, before it's no longer today.

In the meantime, since you're here, here's a comic (kinda) I stumbled upon recently:


And here's a NSFW comic I stumbled upon recently:


Life lessons.

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