June 30, 2012

The Way I Write My 7s

My poor blog. It's gathering dust.

Lately, for the first time in my life, I've been getting a lot of shit over how I write the number 7.

For reference, this is how I do it:

The one on the right is when I'm in a hurry, like running from hippos.
Yes. I cross my 7's. Big whoop, wanna fightaboutit?

Well even if you don't, a lot of other people I've encountered lately do. For example, I went to the bank and writing the number 7 was involved in a deposit I was making, and the teller was like "What is this? A 2?" And I was like "Umm... it's a 7 you dumb bitch." I mean, seriously. Here's a side-by-side comparison of my 2 and 7:

The 7 won, thanks to its +7 morningstar.
How the hell could you confuse those? I mean, perhaps if you asked me "Is that an F or a 7?" I wouldn't think you were so mentally inept (still slightly, though). But a 2?! Come on. This bitch was a bank teller. I'm sure she's seen far crazier 7s in her day.

I've always crossed my 7s. That's just how I roll. Not crossing them feels wrong to me. And now people wanna tell me I'm doing it wrong? Please. I'm a grown-ass man.

Here is a list of reasons why crossing your 7s is a good idea:

1. It's classy.

That's all. It's simply classy. It gives your seven an air of finesse that cannot be rivaled by the regular, ho-hum, uncrossed seven. Or maybe that's just me being defensive because of how appalled I was to get shit for the way I write my fucking 7s. 

Why would you ever criticize someone, so matter-of-factly, for the way they write any number or letter?

"Oh, that's how you write your Os? Like an oval? Eww. Gross. Go back to school"

What a stupid ass thing to complain about. Like, I understand if your writing looks like this:
As cool as it is for your writing to look like graffiti... no one can fucking read it.
Yes, then it would be okay to tell you "Dude. Seriously? Are you sitting on a washer?"

Or even if your writing looks like this:

As cool as it is to write in cursive... it's not at all cool to write in cursive.
Again, in this instance, it would be okay to say something like "Are you drawing fractals or trying to tell me something?"

But my writing looks like this:

It's cool to print. The only thing cooler is calligraphy.
So, in my opinion, it's NOT okay to tell me how to make letters and numbers. ESPECIALLY MY GODDAMN 7s!!! >:O

Have a good day.


  1. Lol! I cross my 7's! Lol but ive never gotten smack about it! I say screw those losers who dont cross their 7's. Lol

    1. I agree! It's the best way. Glad to know there are more people out there like me lol.

  2. I knew the 7 would win. And I think the lady would still be crazy if she thought that was an f in the middle of the number you wrote. Also, your handwriting is really nice. I could almost read the graffiti part. I couldn't figure out if the last word was palace or police or pool or polka. (I'm sorry for my massive overabundance of comments but I do this on all blogs that are new to me. Plus, I have just voluntarily gone 5 days without internet, so the comments might be longer and/or crazier than normal.)

    1. Hey, no worries about the comments! It gives me something to do lol. Feel free to keep commenting as much as you like!

  3. The British way to write a 7 is to cross it, it's transferred over to the America's, I don't get shit for the way I right my 7's I get shit from people when the see my right them from TOP TO BOTTOM, not BOTTOM TO TOP, that's more WTF?
    My brother's always written his 7s like that and he's the only person I know (American that is) who has so I started doing it to...when I was in elementary school,so many yrs ago, never gotten shit, EVER for it,LOL oh and that's a cursive fancy 2, LOL exactly how I write mine and that's what I've gotten shit about before.